WaterSports experience gifts

Are you looking for a surprising gift? Enjoying and discovering new experiences is everything in life. Make a special gift!

  • Gift vouchers do not have a specific date.
  • You can write a dedication.
  • We will send an email with the gift voucher to the person you indicate.
  • You can send the voucher immediately or schedule a date (it will be sent at 12 midnight).
  • The person who receives the email will have all the information on how to use the voucher and about the activity.

Make Jet Ski gift

Regalar experiencia en moto de agua 30 min Barcelona

Make Jet Ski without license 30 min gift


Bono regalo moto de agua 1h

Make Jet Ski without license 1h gift


Make Parasailing gift

Bono regalo Parasailing 1 persona

Make Parasailing 1 pax gift


Bono regalo Parasailing 2 personas

Make Parasailing 2 pax gift


Make Flyboard gift

Regalar Flyboard 15 min

Make Flyboard 15 min gift


Bono regalo Flyboard 30 min

Make Flyboard 30 min gift


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