Jet Ski Llobregat Tour

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Llobregat jet ski extreme tour


A unique summer adventure where you will ride a Jet Ski for longer than ever.

Jet Ski Tours The price includes

  • Introduction and learning about jet ski
  • Excursion until the mouth of the “Llobregat River”, small stop to get rest and enjoy the views and return to the port (Duration: approximately 2 hours)
  • You can be 2 on the same Jet Ski (and you can do it by turns)
  • Neoprene suits and life jacket
  • Liability insurance
  • Lockers for everyone

Jet Ski Tours What do I need to bring or know?

  • You must pay a deposit of €100 for each Jet Ski that will be returned at the end of the activity
  • Each person have to bring his ID card or passport
  • Only adults over 18 can participate in this activity
  • No license required for this activity!
  • The activity can be postponed or canceled due to weather conditions
  • We recommend bringing your own bathing suit and towel
  • This activity requires a good physical condition as it’s an activity of high intensity and duration

Summary of the trip

The tour starts from our local located in the Port Forum of Barcelona. You can appreciate all the majesty of Barcelona through its coastal landscape. From the beaches of the Llevant, Nova Mar Bella, at this point in the Skyline stand out the Agbar tower and the Mapfre towers, in the background between both can be seen the silhouette of the iconic Barcelona´s cathedral La Sagrada Familia, unfinished work of Gaudí. But do not confuse, this is not an only tourist tour, while you enjoy these incredible views you will drive a Yamaha Jet Ski capable of reaching incredible speeds!

It’s a sport, a pleasure, the water will splash in every boat you get and depending on how the sea will be, you’ll jump with the Jet Ski for few seconds! Once we reach the mouth of the river Llobregat, we will slowly contemplate the beautiful views and landscapes offered by the Llobregat River Delta Reserve from a perspective that few people have the opportunity to experience. Once the tour is over, we will return to our starting point, this time by open sea so that the views will change, and you will be able to appreciate a wider perspective of the coast of the province, about two or three miles from the coast, all Skyline Barcelona can be covered with the palm of your hand! So to complete the excursion we will experience sailing in the open sea!

Jet Ski Tour to Llobregat on a jet ski

What you will experience

Two hours may seem long but you will pass quickly if your thing is the adrenaline. With our high-powered Jet Ski, there will be no wave to resist. Speed, adrenaline and feeling of freedom are what we are going to offer you with this excursion. We remember that you need a good physical condition since even if the fun is infinite; it’s a physically tiring activity. That is why we recommend you to bring another person with you, because first, you will get a better price for each one, and because going with someone is even funnier.

Great Jet Ski adventure for 1 or 2 people

Excellent Instructors

Without our instructors, riding a Jet Ski would not be the same. Besides those who do not have a license, you couldn’t go alone. They will be responsible for guiding you, explaining in detail the safety regulations, the way of driving and all kinds of instructions, so that your experience will be safe and pleasant. They are very strict in terms of the rules but do not worry, they will not mess but the opposite … Will you be able to endure this rhythm?

Great Jet Ski instructors

Rest and beautiful views

You will enjoy beautiful views from a different point of view, from the waters of the Mediterranean. You will see the whole Skyline of Barcelona and then there will be a small stop at the mouth of the Llobregat. This tour includes absolutely everything. For that reason, it has become one of the activities preferred by our clients where their valuations have been very positive.

Here’s an example: “The Jet ski trip has been great. They are very professional, close and do everything possible to have a great time!”

Jet Ski Llobregat Tour

¿What do you need to do the activity?

First of all, the first thing to do is, if you are interested; reserve your place on the website. It is advisable to present about 15-20 minutes before the reserved time. You will have to bring the ID and deposit a deposit of €100 per rented Jet Ski that will be returned immediately after the activity. And don’t forget to bring your towel and bathing suit!

Funny Jet Ski Experience to Llobregat

Amazing Llobregat

The favourite tour of our customers. This is your opportunity to enjoy the best jet ski experience in Barcelona!

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