Happy Hour Promotion – Jet Ski without license 60min from 99€

1,00 IVA included

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Are you a Jet Ski fan? We present you our new Happy Hour Sunrise promotion! Drive a Jet Ski for 60 minutes from only 99€ 200€

Jet Ski Tours What does the price include?

    • Explanation and introduction on proper driving with a Jet Ski.
    • Driving on Jet Ski for 1 or 2 people for 1h (the briefing time is separate).
    • Showers, dressing rooms and lockers.

Moto de agua sin licencia en Hotel W

Jet Ski Tours What do I need to bring or know?

    • You can bring a passanger (minimum height 1.30m)  with no extra cost.
    • Only those over 18 years old can drive alone, people with 16 or 17 years old can do so only if their legal parents physically present themselves at our premises to sign an authorization.
    • It is mandatory to bring the identity card of all participants.
    • It is necessary to leave 100€ deposit for each jet ski on the same day that the activity is performed, which will be returned in the same way as was paid once the service has been completed. In case you are a group of 2 or more jet ski, the deposit will be 200€.
    • No license is required.
    • The activity can be postponed or canceled due to weather conditions.

Explora el Hotel W de Barcelona en moto acuática

Jet Ski Tours What will we do?

You will have the chance to try our Sea-Doo Jet Ski (last models and equiped with the newest technology). Come in the morning and enjoy a totally calm sea where you can go as fast as you want. You will have a complete tour visiting Montgat, Pont del Petroli and the famous Hotel W.

“Come to the Happy Hour and drive a Jet Ski for a low price”

Jet Ski Tours License not required

If you’ve never been on a jetski do not worry, because our monitors will give you all the instructions so you can control it right away.
So, after a quick demonstration of how the jetski works and what needs to be done in every situation, we will go out to sea to enjoy this wonderful experience.
You just have to be in the mood to have fun, we put the rest of it!

You just have to be in the mood to have fun, we put the rest of it!

Experiencia de Verano ideal para 2 personas

Jet Ski Tours Where will we be?

The departure will take place in our local JetScoot located in the Port Fòrum of Barcelona, a modern port and sport built a few years ago.
It is relatively close to the Diagonal Mar shopping center and can easily be reached by car or public transport such as metro and tram.

Briefing completo de moto de agua en Barcelona

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