Jet Ski Sitges Tour 4h

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Jet Ski Sitges Tour


If you want to enjoy a fun and original excursion on jet ski, this tour is ideal for you. The most extreme Jet Ski adventure. Here we go!

Jet Ski Tours The price includes

  • Introduction and briefing for Jet Ski driving
  • Ride the last Jet Ski Yamaha model with two seats (the passanger is going free)
  • Sitges Jet Ski Tour. Duration: 4h-5h approximate
  • A litle breakfrast
  • Liability insurance
  • Neoprene wetsuit and life jacket
  • Lockers and vestibules

Jet Ski Tours What do I need to bring or know?

  • The deposit of 100€ is mandatory for each Jet Ski rented and it will be refunded at the end of the tour
  • Each person have to bring his ID card or passport
  • Only adults over 18 can participate in this activity
  • No license required for this activity!
  • The activity can be postponed or canceled due to weather conditions
  • We recommend bringing your own bathing suit and towel
  • This activity requires a good physical condition as it’s an activity of high intensity and duration

Arriving to Sitges

We will pass through the Barcelonan coast to 1 mile of distance; appreciating a unique and emblematic urban landscape and then bordering the free zone that we will see finish in the well-known Delta del Llobregat, recurrent destination of our excursions. This time we will not rest here so you must be prepared physically to face the Mediterranean Sea, from here on the city landscape is replaced by a green line and mountains in the background. A moment later the green gives place to the magnificent beach of Castelldefels, at this point we are already passing the middle point of the tripand we will have a final route between coves and mountains that hide behind them our destination, the wonderful Sitges.

Ruta Sitges en moto de agua
SitgesEstimated duration: ~4 o 5 horas
SitgesWe provide you all equipment
SitgesThe activity can be posposed for bad weather conditions

Sitges Jet Ski experience

Do Jet Ski is awesome, exciting, madness… and lots of adjectives are needed to define it. Your experience doesn’t matter, even if it is your first time or you are a profesional, you will definitely want to repeat it.

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