Banaa Boat 9€/person (BLACK FRIDAY promotion)

50,00 IVA included

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BLACK FRIDAY is here for the Banana Boat! Plan by the sea at maximum adrenaline with this inflatable toy for only 9€/person next Friday,September 24th


Jet Ski Tours What does the price include ?

  • Adventure in Banana Boat for 15 minutes for 9€/person.
  • All necessary equipment is included.
  • Showers, changing rooms and lockers.
  • Liability insurance.

Jet Ski Tours What do I need to know or bring ?

  • It will be necessary to bring the ID or identity card of all participants.
  • Activity suitable for children.
  • We recommend bringing a towel and a swimsuit.
  • The maximum capacity of the Banana is 8 seats..
  • The activity may be postponed or delayed due to weather conditions.

Jet Ski Tours What will we do ?

You will ride the Banana boat, one of our biggest inflatables. You will enjoy a refreshing and exciting experience at the same time. We will drag you with a powerful boat so you can travel all over the sea, planning at maximum speed. Get ready and hold on as you can because it is practically impossible not to fall overboard!

Jet Ski Tours An ideal experience for groups

A drag activity like this will be much more fun if you share it with your friends. You have up to 8 seats to enjoy this exciting adventure together. The more you are, the more you laugh!

A hilarious Summer plan that you can not miss. It is an activity suitable for everyone, both adults and children and for a fabulous price. The Banana Boat has never disappointed and with you the opposite will not happen. Laughter is assured!

Jet Ski Tours Where will we be ?

The activity will take place at our JetScoot location located in the Port Fòrum of Barcelona, a modern and sports port built a few years ago. It is relatively close to the Diagonal Mar shopping center and can be easily reached by car or public transport such as metro and tram.

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